Maya Maria Foty, Laureate of the Richard morris Hunt fellowship Prize

RMH Prize - Maya Fotty - 2013

Architectural Resources Group

Maya Maria Foty, Laureate of the Richard morris Hunt fellowship Prize

Honoring an american architect specialist in Heritage preservation

On November 13th, 2012, the RMHF French-American Jury meeting in Washington D.C recognized Mary M. Forty as the 2013 RMH Fellow.

Maya Maria Foty, AIA. LEED, AP, the 24th RMH Fellow.

Maya earned a double major of Bachelor of Art, in French and Arts History in 1991 from Mills College, Oakland, CA. She participated in the Roma Program, Palazzo Pio in Italy. In 1999, she received a Master degree in Architecture and a Certificate in Historical Preservation from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. In 2005, Maya completed her brilliant education with a Certificate of Conservation in Historic Buildings and Archeological Sites from Columbia University in New York City.
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