Maya Maria Foty, Laureate of the Richard morris Hunt fellowship Prize

RMH Prize - Maya Fotty - 2013

Architectural Resources Group

Maya Maria Foty, Laureate of the Richard morris Hunt fellowship Prize

Honoring an american architect specialist in Heritage preservation

On November 13th, 2012, the RMHF French-American Jury meeting in Washington D.C recognized Mary M. Forty as the 2013 RMH Fellow.

Maya Maria Foty, AIA. LEED, AP, the 24th RMH Fellow.

Maya earned a double major of Bachelor of Art, in French and Arts History in 1991 from Mills College, Oakland, CA. She participated in the Roma Program, Palazzo Pio in Italy. In 1999, she received a Master degree in Architecture and a Certificate in Historical Preservation from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. In 2005, Maya completed her brilliant education with a Certificate of Conservation in Historic Buildings and Archeological Sites from Columbia University in New York City.

Influenced by her Hungarian origins, Maya has always been exposed to a wide international environment. Maya is fluent in English, Hungarian, French and Italian. Always very fond of France, she spent a full year there, studying in Avignon and Bordeaux.

Thanks to the Fullbright Fellowship, in 1994, Maya proceeded with her studies for another year in Budapest. Laureate of the US. ICOMOS Summer Grant in 2002, she also conducted a workshop for UNESCO in Tbilissi, Georgia.

She began her career as an architect specialist in historical preservation, in Washington State, as Project Manager for Ron Wright and Associates; later she moved to New York, joining Beyer, Blinder, Bell Architects, leading the restoration of the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse. Later she spent one year with Peter Meije Architects, Portland, Oregon.

From 2008, to the present, Maya is an associate at the Architectural Resources Group based in San Francisco, Pasadena, California and Portland, Oregon. There, she is in charge of restoration of major projects, for the State of Oregon.

The RMHF Jury was impacted by the passionate attitude of Maya, the extent of her knowledge, her appetite to discover, and her critical, and analytical capacity concerning, for instance, the standards established by the “ Haute Qualite Environnementale” (HQE) in France, or by Leadership in Energy Environmental Design (LEED) in the USA.

Her research topic:

A challenge for France and the United States: Restoration and Sustainable Development, with a motto:” to preserve a building is an act of ultimate recycling”.

The Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship: a long tradition of exchange and mutual inspiration between France and the United States. <span “en-us”=””>

Created in 1990 thanks to the partnership of two American associations, the American Architectural Foundation (AAF) and the French Heritage Society (FHS), the RMHF Prize allows a French-American exchange of architects, specialists in historical preservation immersed intrinsically in the architectural issues of today’s world.

The RMHF is named after the first American architect who graduated from the Beaux Arts School in Paris, Richard Morris Hunt (1827 – 1895).

A prestigious prize

Every year, a French-American Jury awards alternatively a $25,000 Prize to a French or an American architect involved in the problems related to the conservation-restoration of historical and contemporary heritage

The recipient of the Prize is chosen for the excellence of his credentials, his leadership ability, and the potential of his research theme which he will develop along a six month journey (divided in two or three periods of time), with the support of the Managing Teams of RMHF, and thanks to a special partnership with LAFARGE.

An exceptional opportunity

This unique prize, exceptional opportunity in the Fellow’s career, offers possibilities to meet experts in historic or contemporary architecture, to visit the most intriguing sites. He will share and confront other philosophies, approaches policies and practices.

Contact presse.
Florence Jeanjean


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