Eileen Gray at Pompidou Center, Paris

Centre Pompidou Paris


The Pompidou Center is honoring an outstanding leader in Art Deco design. A pluridisciplinarian artist, Eileen Gray’s work extends from art deco objects to lacquer work and on to the use of bricks, metal and wood. Her Dragon armchair, from the Yves Saint Laurent/ Pierre Bergé collection, was sold in Paris for 21.9 million euros, making it the second-most expensive piece of furniture in history.

The museum follows the evolution of Ms. Gray’s architectural works, often inspired by her tumultuous relationship with Le Corbusier.
Particularly outstanding are the Villa E 1027, in collaboration with Jean Badovici, and the Tempe A Pailla, both classified as Historic Monuments.
This exhibit enhances our understanding of Eileen Gray’s progression from Art Deco towards a resolutely more modernistic approach.

The Villa E 1027 is being restored under the supervision of Pierre Antoine Gatier, ACMH, IGMH, and 1991 RMH Fellow, with the financial support of Lafarge.

From 4th to 11th April 2013.
RMHF “Series de Prestige” Lectures.




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