Toulouse, Albi, Carcasonne – Seminar RMHF 2012

Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship RMH Fellows meet in Toulouse – Carcassonne – AlbiMay 25th. – May 29th. 2012 

Under the guidance of Vanessa Fernandez (RMHF 2010) and Jean-Christophe Simon (RMHF 1993)

After Paris, Lyon, Washington DC, Angers, Chicago, the RMHF wished to be associated with the city of Toulouse, remarquable example of «Tradition» and «Architectural Innovation» in an historical context.

Acting as a laboratory of ideas, enriched by the comparison and contrast of experiences and perspectives of each Fellow, this seminar will put into perspective the latest developments in theory and practice related to heritage conservation. It will also reinforcethe personal and professional bonds of the Fellows, ensuring the strength and sustainability of the RMHF.

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