At the eve of the century Anniversary of the Great War I, 1914 – 1918

Memorial Day

The Lafayette Escadrille Memorial

By Philippe Martial, Directeur Honoraire du Senat, translation : Cynthia Lasserre de Vezeronce

There was historic French participation in the American War of Independance, most famously by Lafayette, and it is undeniable that Americans reciprocated most generously with their decisive aide to the French army in 1918. Many accounts honor their courage.
We should quote our friend Nicole Willk-Brocard about ” that glorious adventure,symbol of Franco-American friendship”. She emphasizes the “enthusiastic surge of solidarity which inspired these young American pilots” who came to fight on French soil, grouped together in what would become the well-named Escadrille Lafayette. Nicole has firsthand knowledge; her father, General Brocard, was its commanding officer and he was so imbued with the reigning spirit of solidarity that he requested to be buried with his companions of arms
These pilots were so heroic that it became imperative to perpetuate the memory of their achievements with a Memorial.

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