An Overview of Heritage Preservation in the France of 1994

One might question the pertinence of a Final Report about a Fellow’ss experiences in 1994, 25 years ago. I invite you to read it… it is remarkable. The administrative system of heritage preservation in France is described with the minute precision of a silversmith, with a pinch of humour. It allows us to compare yesterday’s regulations with today’s rules. It is thanks to yesterday’s preservation efforts that so many monuments exist today. We can rejoice that “Patrimoine” has become a public concern, that it is now headline news on our TV screens, in the press, and even the “loto”, the French National Lottery.  → Follow this link to an article by Claire Bommelaer and Mathilde Visseyrias

The success of Ruth Todd”s professional career is an excellent example. Should we speak of the “RMHP effect”? The Fellow who set foot in France in 1994, now FAIA, today leads some of California’s most significant preservation projects, as prinicipal at Page & Turbull in San Francisco.

Michèle le Menestrel Ullrich

→ Please follow this link to the RMHP Final Reports Collection

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