ICOMOS 2016 at Istanbul: The Authenticity of Reconstruction

During the 2016 ICOMOS General Assembly held in Istanbul, French expertise – “reliable and undisputed” in the field of research – was highlighted in a presentation from our 1993 RMHP Fellow, Jean-Christophe Simon, on the pertinence of “a common vision of built heritage, its preservation and its reception as a tool for development” (Jean-François Lagneau, President of ICOMOS France).

An issue for international discussion: “What Authenticity of Reconstruction?” by Jean-Christophe Simon. Questions and solutions proposed, the answers ICOMOS can offer.

To read Mr. Simon’s presentation notes, follow this link.

Jean-Chirstophe Simon is Architecte et urbaniste général de l’État, Inspecteur général des Patrimoines, and ICOMOS France Administrator.

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