Isabelle Michard nominated as the first RMH scholar

Building on a tradition of reciprocity scholarly exchange between France and United States, the American Architectural Foundation and the French Heritage Society are pleased to provide the Richard Morris Hunt Scholar program an exciting, new periodic opportunity to complement the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship

The Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship was created in 1990, at the initiative of the American Architectural Foundation and French Heritage Society, in the spirit of Richard Morris Hunt (1827-1895) first American architect to graduate from l’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. This prestigious Prize allows a French or American architect, highly recognized for his or her skills in architectural preservation, to spend six months of research on a topic which he will have defined as of a major importance in his field, in one or the other country.


Isabelle Michard

Isabelle Michard, the first RMH Scholar will explore the future use of older industrial sites and buildings.

Licensed French architect with a Degree in Art and Archeology cum summa laude. She received the Diploma Superior d’Architecture de l’Ecole de Chaillot, & Architecte Urbaniste de l’Etat. She specialized in financial and organizational management of historic sites, adding the experience of l’Ecole d’Avignon for building crafts.

Since 2007, Ms. Michard, an energetic and passionate, civil servant, Chef de Service du Service Territorial de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine de Moselle, deals with the complex problems of the industrial and mining towns of France’s eastern provinces. Since these cities lost their industrial manufacturing activity, they face multiple challenges including high unemployment and disinvestment. Working directly with city leadership, she addresses acquisition principles and the rehabilitation or demolition of abandoned structures and vacant lands.

Ms. Michard will spend July working with the AAF and visiting with government officials and design professional from older industrial cities to explore American methods of revitalization for industrial sites.  At the conclusion of her research, she will present a Scholar Report.

We wish to acknowledge the Direction Générale des Patrimoines for joining us in support of Ms.Michard’s visit and research in USA, as the first Richard Morris Hunt Scholar.

For more information contact
In US: Elizabeth Blazevich.
AAF US RMHF Director.
In France: Florence Jeanjean
RMHF France Director



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